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We are glad to have chosen W2C as our customs brokers for all our imports to Canada and as our consultants for any customs-related questions. W2C has always been effective, professional, and most importantly quick in managing our customs files. Steve Langlois and his team quickly understood the needs of our company and were able to handle the emergencies we faced these past few months, at any time of day. The customs compliance procedure we are currently preparing would never have seen the day without help and guidance from W2C. Many thanks to Steve and his team for their reliability and their hard work.
Aïcha Ali Taïga, ll.m, Contracts and Compliance Specialist
Photo credit: Pyradia
I have known W2C for years thanks to Cargolution, which I have been doing business with since its very start. Having a lot of experience in the field of transport and customs, I had to train a new employee, so I immediately contacted W2C to ask them to provide their services for Pyradia. I was looking ahead to seeing the person scheduled to meet us – one Carl-Olivier Boivin. Carl turned out to be highly skilled in his job, pleasant, and always cheerful. His most remarkable quality is his availability and his commitment to serving us in a way that makes our processes as smooth as possible. I never feel reluctant to call him either on his office phone or on his cell phone, since I know he will always be happy to help. He gives clear and precise information you can’t go wrong with! Thanks so much to Carl-Olivier Boivin for making life easier and more pleasant each day, for me and for Pyradia.
Martine Robert, Supervisor Purchasing and Logistics
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Our importation experience is made much easier thanks to your company's services. We recognize the excellence of your work and the services you offer, and we can only be proud of having worked with you for over 10 years."
Sandra Rollin, Purchasing and Logistics Manager
Photo credit: Public Services and Procurement Canada
Thanks for the informative course [Customs Compliance I: Overview]. It gave me the context and overview of the customs process, and understanding at a level I need to do my job.
Dave Dunne, Supply Specialist, Marine Procurement
Photo credit: Exel International
I enjoyed the [Customs compliance I: Overview] training course.I feel like 4 hours is just the right amount of time to avoid losing track of the whole [customs] process.We will surely be meeting again throughout your next courses!
Rudy Mcsween, Quality Assurance, Shipping-Receiving
Photo credit: Optima Aero
A very useful training with concrete and immediate applications that will allow us to save money.
Émilie Levac-Joubert, Finance Coordinator
Very pleasant, easy to intervene and exchange. Interesting teacher who is interested in our experiences. You can tell he’s in control of his subject.
Alain Lavoie, Warehouse Supervisor
Thanks a lot for the valued information. It [was] pretty good to have this course [Customs compliance I: Overview], and I hope or wish to continue for the next step!
Sally Shaaban, Financial Controller
Really satisfied with the course [customized business training]. I’m very happy to have had concrete examples.
Mélissa Perou, Demand & Supply Planning Manager
The examples [of the customized business training] help a lot to understand the theory.
Caroline Bergeron , Shipping handler
The [Customs Compliance I: Overview] training session is very relevant. Concrete examples are used to help us to understand the notions being taught. The training session will be very helpful in my work.
Nathalie Labranche, Senior Buyer
Photo credit: Erno Laszlo
The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) Seminar was very insightful and relative to our business. Marc connected our company to the topics in the course, which allowed the information to become clearer and the course to be more relatable.
Alex Bertolini, Customer Service Representative & Retails Systems Support Specialist
The Customs Compliance I training course is a must have for anyone who wants to start a business that requires import or export services. Steve is, without a doubt, an expert, providing invaluable information, advice and feedback!
Amélie Legeay, Co-CEO Édélie S.E.N.C.