duties and taxes

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    Management of duties and taxes

    Although businesses are continually seeking ways to be more competitive, there are still several products that are subject to import duties and other taxes, and that could pose a financial burden for many businesses.

    How to avoid paying these duties and taxes or how to obtain a refund?

    Customs authorities can recover certain duties and taxes under certain conditions. For example, the drawbacks program may allow you to obtain a refund of customs duties imposed at the time of importing when the same products are re-exported within four years of their importation.

    The opposite is also possible, i.e., if you have a large percentage of your products being exported, you may be able to register for the duties relief program to avoid paying import taxes and only pay for products sold in Canada.

    Our customs consultants can help you determine which program may benefit you. With your cooperation, we will review the conditions to be met and we will establish the steps to follow so that you may benefit from them.

    Consultation services offered by W2C

    Here are some of the services that our customs consultants offer:

    • B2 refund claim;
    • Claim for recovery (drawbacks);
    • Duties relief program;
    • Anti-dumping measures and countervailing duties;
    • EOPS and EDCP;
    • Tariff relief requests.