individual importers

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    Enjoy peace of mind: Let W2C take care of the customs clearance of your personal belongings

    You have made a purchase in the United States or another foreign country, and the carrier asks you: “Who will arrange for the release of the goods?” or, more commonly, “Who is your customs broker?” Either way, you must answer a question that you had never considered.

    Whether you plan on bringing vehicles, furniture, clothing, toiletries or other items into Canada, your paperwork must be in order to steer clear of unexpected penalties and avoid delays at customs and possible seizure of goods. With W2C by your side, the process is fast, simple and, above all, hassle-free.

    Just contact us and provide us with the details of your purchase as well as a copy of your invoice or purchase order. One of our advisors will quickly inform you of the cost of the duties and taxes that will be applied to your file as well as details about what is included. To make things easier for you, we accept different payment options, including credit card.

    Make sure you let your carrier know that W2C is your designated customs broker in this matter. All that’s left for you to do is relax as everything is now ready and settled for your purchase to clear customs!