Customs compliance

Customs Compliance II: Intermediate

*Prerequisite: Customs compliance I: Overview

Customs compliance begins with a good understanding of the role of customs. “Customs Compliance II: Intermediate” will walk you through the necessary steps for developing a compliance plan for your company so as to avoid possible financial penalties or any other logistical headaches.

Overall objective

Control the legal and financial risks by ensuring a proactive rather than reactive customs management.

Specific objectives

  • Understand business transactions (mapping):
    • Customs declarations
    • Commercial invoices
  • Manage products and HS codes and maintain them
  • Ensure consistency between mapping and reality
  • Ensure management of CUSMA certificates (classification, origin, eligibility)
  • Understand the customs declaration
  • Establish an approval process for customs declarations
  • Develop in-house expertise for customs files
  • Establish a documented and permanent practice

Moreover, the intermediate level will help you:

  • Approve customs declarations
    • Implementation of an approval process for customs declarations
    • Review of methodologies for approval and job aid
  • Evaluate the customs broker’s work
    • Development of a performance review and monitoring method
  • Write a Compliance Manual
    • Implementation of a documented procedure and recording of information
    • List of elements that must be documented and the reasons for doing so
    • Periodic updates

The training session lasts four hours.

Note: customized training or coaching is also available upon request.

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