Trade agreement for apparel import and export

Seminar: free trade agreements for garments and apparel

The new NAFTA 2.0, otherwise known as the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) is set to go into effect sometime in 2019. The revised Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) between Canada and 10 other pacific rim countries started to go into effect on December 30, 2018. And finally, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the 28-member European Union countries is already 15 months in, having gone into effect in September 2017.

What do you need to know about all these agreements if you are working in the garments and apparel industries? In order to offer you guidance, W2C’s Customs & Trade Policy Advisor, Marc Ticehurst, who has over 26 years of experience in the customs field, will be conducting this 2.5-hour seminar.

Our customs expert will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Brief overview of NAFTA/CUSMA, CETA and CPTPP, and what is common to each agreement.
  • NAFTA vs. CUSMA: Changes to Rules of Origin for garments and apparel
  • NAFTA vs. CUSMA: Changes to TPL levels, TPL allocation and TPL processes
  • CETA: general origin implications for garments and apparel under the CETA
  • CETA: product-specific rules of origin vs. alternate rules (origin quota) for textiles and apparel
  • CPTPP: general origin implications for garments and apparel under the CPTPP
  • CPTPP: product-specific rules of origin and short-supply lists for textiles and apparel
  • Origin Certification/Proof of Origin requirements under each agreement

Who is the seminar for?

  • Buyers and Procurement staff
  • Logistics and transport agents
  • Import-export assistants
  • Accounting and Finance professionals
  • Sales and Business development personnel
  • Department heads and Business owners

Objective of the seminar:

For importers and exporters of garments and apparel, this seminar will provide insights on the key differences between the current NAFTA and the forthcoming CUSMA specific to garments and apparel, as well as free trade opportunities for garments and apparel under the CPTPP and CETA, and how to take advantage of these agreements.

*Coffee, juice and pastries will be served during the seminar.

Note: Please arrive 30 minutes before — Events start promptly at 9:00 am.

Note: customized training or coaching at your workplace is also available upon request.

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