nouveau employé en douanes

W2C is expanding its team!

We are pleased to announce that Stéphane Braen is joining the Business Development Department.

Stéphane discovered a passion for customs brokerage at an early age. He now boasts more than 25 years’ experience, during which he has developed several indispensable work methods. His extensive know-how of customs import/export procedures is based on 23 years at Affiliated and three years at Livingston.

His determination and strong organizational and interpersonal skills make him an invaluable contributor to our customer service and satisfaction team.

Stéphane’s wide-ranging knowledge, combined with his keen interest in the customs industry, will be a major asset for W2C. We are proud to have him among us!

Welcome aboard, Stéphane!

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About the author
Steve Langlois is a licensed customs broker, active in the customs brokerage industry since 1993. In 2005, Steve became the founder and president of W2C, a customs brokerage and compliance firm based in Montreal.