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Advice on CTPAT and PIP compliance certifications

W2C can help you obtain CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and PIP (Partners in Protection) compliance certifications.

As Canadian importers and exporters, these compliance certifications will help you strengthen the security of your international supply chain.

What are CTPAT and PIP?

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a certification that provides security procedures against terrorist threats when importing goods into the United States. It secures your supply chain with your foreign business partners. This certification allows for closer cooperation with U.S. Customs by demonstrating safe practices on the part of all participants.

Partners in Protection (PIP) certification is similar to C-TPAT certification. It is designed to “accelerate border processes in Canada and make them more efficient for preapproved, low-risk businesses that are recognized as reliable traders.”

What are the benefits of being CTPAT or PIP certified?

Consultation services offered by W2C

Here are some of the services that our customs consultants offer:

Note that the minimum requirements of these two programs are very similar and can be done at the same time. In addition, when you obtain both certifications, by mutual agreement between Canada and the United States, there will be only one validation visit to cover both certification programs.

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our experts

Yves Lacelle

Strategic Advisor - Business Development and Training

With over 40 years of experience in the customs field, Yves has a very thorough understanding of everything related to this environment. His meetings with companies from all over the world have allowed him to acquire an extensive knowledge of international trade. He has given several seminars and customs training courses to companies and has found solutions for clients having problems with customs authorities.

Guiding a team to provide the best customer service bears no secrets for Yves. His ability to communicate and educate his business partners makes him a golden ally for those who aspire to comply with customs regulations.

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