Our team is our greatest strength

In addition to its management group, W2C is also a solid team of specialists and professionals dedicated to providing you with high-quality service. Our diverse team contributes to W2C’s success every day. We are proud to have committed employees who listen to your needs.

Our values


- Be open to differences in experience, culture and knowledge. - Be open to exchanges of ideas and to people. - Be open to new trends and experimentation by learning different ways of doing things. - Give each other the right to make mistakes, without judgment and through inclusive dialogue.


- Be respectful in our verbal and nonverbal communications. - Validate our perceptions and intentions as needed, using the right communication channel. - Show empathy to colleagues and clients. - Trust each other while demonstrating clarity in our respective roles and responsibilities.

Make a difference

- Make a difference by being innovative, helping each other, being available, tying up loose ends and always going the extra mile. - Take actions or make decisions that can propel an individual, a client or the team to the next level.