Art and Entertainment

Your broker when planning events

Entertainment industry events and trade shows have very specific logistical requirements. Every detail matters and every second is worth its weight in gold. Everything must be ready for that highly anticipated day when all eyes are on you. A single event can make or break your reputation – thus the critical importance of receiving your equipment and materials on time.

W2C customs brokers will advise you so that your big day is a resounding success. Our adaptability, initiative and sense of urgency have made us a preferred partner in the event industry.

Planning made easy

Through our hands-on customs brokerage experience in different events, W2C will help you plan the best possible customs strategy to reduce potential fiscal impacts, such as management of duties and taxes.

We will determine the optimum customs clearance method for a temporary import. No matter if it is for a sport, cultural or commercial event, we have the right solution for you.

Lost the ATA carnet accompanying the goods? We will sort out this problem with the Chamber of Commerce.

W2C classifies your HS-coded products

A concert or performing art tour requires the transport of many different products across the border – and the classification of these products is mandatory. Regardless of the customs clearance method used (Temporary Admission Permit, ATA carnet or other), your goods have to be classified and the country of origin has to be declared. In certain cases, a list of harmonized system (HS) codes for each product must be supplied within very short timelines. W2C has the customs brokerage expertise and quick response time needed to assign the correct HS codes to the different products that you will transport while on tour.

The same service on site

W2C regularly assigns an on-site specialist to help companies clear customs. Whether appearing on the runway for a chartered flight, heading to a trade show site or pre-arranging terms and conditions with customs officials so that a tour can clear customs, W2C sees to everything.

W2C can also submit the ATA carnet and the Temporary Admission Permit (E 29B) to Customs for our clients.

What about urgent requests at night and on weekends?

As time is of the essence and nothing must be left to chance when clearing customs, we manage urgent requests at night and on weekends.

Whether you are organizing a tour or a single event, all details will be treated with the utmost diligence. Your dedicated W2C team fully understands the event sector’s needs and takes great pride in satisfying them.

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