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W2C provides assistance to new importers and non-residents

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Starting a business that requires the importation of goods? Are you a non-resident importer who wants to handle your own customs clearance in Canada? Our customs consultants can help you!

Demystifying customs regulations

Whether it’s a question of importing simple products or more complex products that require special procedures, our consultants are here to guide you. They will be able to inform you about customs regulations governing the import of goods and the importance of figuring out the correct HS code in the Canadian tariff. Our consultants will also help you understand the information required to obtain the release of goods and to acquire a business number and a GST account, if required.

In addition, they will be able to direct you, if necessary, to the government agency issuing the required permits to import the goods into Canada. You will be able to avoid financial risks due to bad practices and import your products in full compliance.

Consultation services offered by W2C

Here are some of the services that our customs consultants offer:

Our services

Customs compliance

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Duties and taxes

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Free trade agreements

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