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W2C – customs consultancy services in Montreal

Specializing in customs brokerage, W2C offers a multitude of services, including customs consultancy, provided by a friendly team of customs experts and international trade consultants to help you legally and responsibly import or export your merchandise to or from Canada or abroad.

Importers may be sanctioned if they do not comply with customs rules. Your reputation with customs officials is based on the ongoing compliance of your transactional activities. The W2C customs consulting service assists you with your customs procedures so that nothing is left to chance, in particular when trying to understand complex administrative details.

Here are the customs consultancy services that W2C offers:

  • Assistance in developing a customs compliance plan

    • We carry out a complete or partial audit via a sampling of your customs transactions in order to identify potential problems and correct them in an appropriate way.
  • Assistance and preparation in the event that a customs audit is requested by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

  • Help in planning the import and export of complex products

  • Classification of your products by harmonized codes

    • If you have a lot of products to export from or import to Canada or abroad, it may be necessary to code your products to avoid surprises and ensure smooth operations at customs.
  • Drawbacks on your customs duties (B2 document and drawbacks program)

    • Drawbacks of customs duties may be possible if you overpaid, there was a change in the order, products are missing or damaged or the goods are re-exported.
  • Information and assistance on regulatory compliance concerning manufactured goods, legislation and customs tariffs under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

    • As a manufacturer, you must document and code your products, double-check regulations and show that the product satisfies the regional value-content requirement.
  • Monitoring and consultancy vis-à-vis different government departments, such as Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Transport Canada, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada and ITAR.

  • Legal representation by an expert before trade tribunals and Canadian and American customs agencies.

    • We help you resolve disputes in which products may be subject to dumping or recorded in different categories.
  • C-TPAT and PEP certifications

    W2C offers the assistance needed to join the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and PEP (Partners in Protection) security programs.

    As Canadian importers and exporters, these certifications will help you strengthen the security of your international supply chain

Here are the kinds of questions we can answer:

  • How do I buy raw material in Iran, manufacture my product and then resell it in the United States?

  • What are the procedures for the sale of restricted military equipment to a Korean company?

  • Explanation of possible tax impacts with regard to declared values and taxation.

    Here are some of the questions we can answer:

    • Are the importer and the exporter related companies? If so, what declared value must be included?

    • Must I declare the management fees?

    • Who is entitled to claim the tax in a multi-party agreement?

W2C – Your professional customs consultants

The W2C team constantly keeps up to date on changes in legislation, international regulations and global trade management in the customs industry. Each member of our customs consultancy group receives the latest customs training in order to provide service excellence and superior customs consultation. In addition, the W2C team relies on customs lawyers and tax experts to oversee the legality of customs procedures.