As is the case every year, customs classification codes are affected by multiple changes. January 2021 will be no exception, with some changes to the tariff code (10-digit code), statistical quantities and applicable customs duties.

All changes are identified in the Canadian Customs Tariff, in PDF format only, by a change bar in the left margin. The Canadian Customs Tariff is found here.

Tariff codes are a pillar of customs compliance. Moreover, the tariff code corresponding to your goods will help you determine the applicable import customs duties, identify the rules of origin governing your products based on the free trade agreement you wish to use, and recognize the requirements of other government departments that may need to be satisfied.

When in doubt regarding the classification of your goods, importers may ask for an advance ruling on tariff classification. Once the ruling is issued, the importer is responsible for complying with it. An advance ruling affords protection against penalties, since the CBSA may change its decision in the future but will not be able to apply penalties on records previously produced and on which the ruling was applied, or claim any customs duties that may now be applicable.

W2C experts can assist you in all aspects of customs classification by:

  • carrying out an audit of your records for the past four years
  • issuing an opinion on the classification of your goods based on their description, composition and use
  • obtaining an advance ruling from the CBSA in the event of uncertainty
  • producing a full report on the work performed

This exercise will help you produce or update your database, which can be used to verify customs transactions issued by your customs broker or determine the classification codes required for export.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.

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