Notice to carriers

W2C is dedicated to carriers

Our customs experts can help you with your customs clearance. Below you will find the customs information needed to transport your customers’ goods.

W2C’s business hours

Our business hours are 8. a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Friday. You can contact our customer service and operations department during business hours at 514 368-2637, extension 1.

Sending documents

You can fax us customs clearing documents at 514 636-4753 or e-mail them to

Request processing times

All customs operations are carried out as quickly as possible at W2C. However, please note that:


Customs must receive the release request at least two hours before the planned pick-up time. We usually forward this request within one hour of its receipt.

You must provide us with the following information:

NOTE: Please be realistic. A cargo shipment from Los Angeles will not arrive at Lacolle in two hours. Also, if you expect to pass through Customs at night, remember to send us your request during the day.

Despite our best intentions, there are sometimes exceptions. For example, if the invoice received has an inordinate amount of lines and pages, it will take us more time to process the information internally.

In case of any exceptional situations, we ask that you provide us with your PARS details as soon as possible after the pick-up. It is your responsibility to supply all necessary information during our business hours.

Priority will be given only to exceptions that have been previously discussed with our clients.

Tracking information

You can contact us during our business hours to make sure the PARS has been processed. You can also check your PARS number by going to TRACKING SHIPMENTS.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued trust in us!