CBSA verification priorities list

CBSA publishes its verification priorities list

In order to verify that importers are complying with CBSA’s requirements and programs, CBSA can conduct verification processes, which may be random or based on their priorities.

In the case of verification priorities, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has just published its semi-annual list for tariff classification, value determination and origin of certain products. These products may have been checked in the past and may be relisted. 

You can find the list on the CBSA website by clicking here.

What if one of the products you import is on this list?

If one of your products is on the CBSA list, you may receive a questionnaire, a verification letter, an on-site verification visit or a review of other information or items from the CBSA.

In order to prepare you for any eventuality, we suggest various procedures for which W2C experts can assist you. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Be sure to identify the products you are importing;
  • Create a database for imported products;
  • Review the classification of products and, if in doubt, obtain a customs decision
  • Implement a verification system; customs transactions must be compliant. Make sure that the declared value corresponds to the amount paid to the seller;
  • If you use preferential tariff treatments, make sure you have the certificates or declaration of origin and that they are in conformity;
  • Participate in training sessions to improve your knowledge of business data. W2C offers several training courses that can be useful to you;
  • Contact your customs broker’s office and request a pre-audit of your files. 

Get help from customs experts

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