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Dear customers and partners,

We are fully aware that the current situation is unusual and disturbing.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is evolving at lightning speed around the world and international business activities are clearly being disrupted. We would like to assure you that we are closely monitoring developments related to the spread of the virus.

Be assured that our priority is above all the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners. All preventive measures recommended by the government to help contain the spread of the virus have been put in place.

W2C currently has a business continuity plan in place to be fully operational and we are taking all necessary steps to ensure this continues to be the case.

In order to help us serve you better, it is important that you also keep us informed of any changes that could significantly affect your business activities with W2C.

Thank you for your trust and your loyalty to the entire W2C team and wish you good luck in this exceptional crisis that we are all experiencing now and above all, take care of yourself.

Please note that all information on this blog is subject to change. All blog articles are for information purposes only. We are always available to answer in detail any questions our clients may have regarding the information in this blog.

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About the author
Steve Langlois is a licensed customs broker, active in the customs brokerage industry since 1993. In 2005, Steve became the founder and president of W2C, a customs brokerage and compliance firm based in Montreal.