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Training is an invaluable asset when implementing and integrating a new program or new procedures. It is extremely important to properly share information and answer questions from stakeholders.

This year is a timely one to engage in training activities. The arrival of Incoterms 2020, the implementation of the new Canadian Export Reporting System Portal, the new free trade agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico, and the introduction of the new C‑TPAT minimum-security criteria are all opportunities to help improve your team’s knowledge.

In the case of the C-TPAT program, you need to inform your entire staff about the program requirements, such as the role of each employee, procedures to follow when dealing with illegal activities, or when receiving a visitor, intercepting an unauthorized person or respecting restricted access. This presentation can be done during annual or biannual meetings.

Moreover, users of computer systems must be well versed in the policies and procedures to safeguard customer data, as well as your products and financial data, whether by creating passwords, securing equipment or detecting spam.

In addition, shipping and receiving personnel must know how to inspect trailers, produce and verify documentation based on the merchandise, and manage and install security seals.

As such, there are several aspects to cover in order to maintain your staff’s skill level. To this end, W2C offers you the opportunity to train your team within your company. Our training sessions are available in the classroom or online.

In all cases, training activities must be offered on a regular basis and noted in a logbook. You must also keep an attendance sheet with the names of the participants, their signature, the topic of the training, the duration, the date and the name of the instructor.

The possibilities are numerous, and the W2C team is at your entire disposal. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we will be pleased to assist you!

Please note that all information on this blog is subject to change. All blog articles are for information purposes only. We are always available to answer in detail any questions our clients may have regarding the information in this blog.

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About the author
With over 35 years of experience in the customs field, Yves Lacelle has a very thorough understanding of everything related to this environment. His meetings with companies from all over the world have allowed him to acquire an extensive knowledge of international trade. He has given several seminars and customs training courses to companies and has found solutions for clients having problems with customs authorities. Guiding a team to provide the best customer service bears no secrets for Yves. His ability to communicate and educate his business partners makes him a golden ally for those who aspire to comply with customs regulations.