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W2C – Your aerospace industry specialist

W2C is an undisputed aerospace industry expert. From the beginning, its main customs brokerage clients have been airlines and aircraft parts manufacturers. Over the years, W2C has built an outstanding reputation in the sector through its extensive knowledge, varied experiences and advanced problem-solving ability. Today, W2C possesses an in-depth understanding of aerospace industry issues.

On a daily basis, W2C helps airline clients conduct the customs classification of their products, maintain an inventory of their consumer products on flights and legally carry out the customs clearance process. Our customs brokers also help aerospace manufacturers understand the cross-border subcontracting process and its legal and administrative implications (e.g. declared value, rules of origin, ITAR, etc.).

In addition to customs brokerage services, W2C provides personalized customs training to your employees. If requested, W2C staff can even come to your offices to assist you in your logistical and customs operations.

W2C has also distinguished itself through its excellent customs brokerage management of urgent Aircraft On Ground (AOG) requests. For example, a member of our customs clearance team will wait on-site at the airport and handle your customs declaration for an employee arriving on a flight with a replacement part.

When it comes to aerospace customs emergencies, W2C has seen it all.