canadian customs brokerage

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    W2C: customs broker services in Montreal

    Customs clearance of imported goods

    Customs broker regulations allow importers to prepare their own release and accounting documentation. However, those who do not wish to deal directly with CBSA can authorize a licensed customs import broker to transact business on their behalf.

    The W2C customs clearance group offers excellent personalized brokerage services. Whether by ground, sea or air transport, our team of specialists takes care of your customs clearance needs across Canada.

    A Canadian customs broker company like W2C can carry out these tasks for you:

    • Register for a Business Number (BN), Importer/Exporter Account
    • Provide assistance in cases involving the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA)
    • Submit refund/adjustment requests (B2)
    • Prepare release documentation (provisional declaration) for customs clearance
    • Prepare final accounting documentation and ensure use of correct harmonized codes
    • Remit payment of duties and taxes to the Receiver General of Canada

    Quality control of products

    To minimize the risk of error, the B3 customs declarations forms are checked for product classification, always in accordance with the commercial invoice. This verification is done in keeping with our rigorous quality control standards before the invoicing stage even begins.

    In the event of any changes or errors, the W2C import-export broker group can quickly track them down and make corrections in your product database, in past declarations, and ensure compliance of future declarations.

    Invoicing and customs fees

    The invoicing process is straightforward, fast and accurate. Our fee structure is easy to understand, with no surprises or additional costs.

    Understanding your customs needs and issues

    When clearing customs and importing goods into Canada, W2C border brokers take the time to understand the nature of your operations and your business concerns. We ask you questions to ensure the accuracy of our customs declarations and provide you with customs consultancy services. The more we know about your products and operations, the less time this process will take. To ensure compliance of our work, we not only adhere to strict customs brokerage procedures, but also know how to navigate all the ins and outs so that you steer clear of any unwanted problems or delays.

    Excellent brokerage client service

    The W2C customs broker group is passionate, engaged and dedicated to its clients. You will definitely notice the difference our highly personalized service makes. At W2C, we are on a first-name basis with our clients and answer their calls from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. We are also available to handle your urgent requests at night and on weekends.

    For your customs brokerage needs in Montreal and throughout Quebec, choose W2C and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from professional, quick, efficient and friendly service.