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Our new platform not only allows you to compare different courier services, but also provides you with prices and delivery times for each of them.

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A platform with many advantages

We are proud to introduce a new service from W2C Customs Management. Access to the W2C integrated courier service platform lets you compare rates from different couriers including FedEx, UPS, DHL and Purolator. You can save money through our group discounts and also benefit from fast shipping!

Enjoy a flexible and efficient platform for businesses that gives you access to all types of delivery services provided by courier companies. Our platform displays the rates and delivery time offered by each courier in the region where the package is picked up and delivered

How does it work?

Just enter the pickup and delivery addresses as well as the package information (quantity, dimensions and weight). The system will then display the rates for each courier service (FedEx, UPS, DHL or Purolator) as well as the delivery time available from the carriers.

Next, select the service and price that suits you best. The system will automatically generate the label for each shipment and the selected carrier will pick up and deliver it, in Canada or abroad, based on the instructions you have entered in the W2C courier system.

W2C will produce a single invoice for all the shipments you have made during the month, no matter which courier service you have selected.

The platform allows you greater autonomy and incomparable efficiency in sending your small packages anywhere in the world.

Benefits of the W2C courier service

Flexibility – You have access to the exact price you will pay and the delivery time for each of the courier services offering shipping in your region and in the desired delivery region.

Autonomy – You can manage the platform from your computer. No need to make an email request and wait for a quote from the courier.

Savings – You get group discounts and monthly billing for all your FedEx, UPS, DHL and Purolator shipments.

Speed – You can compare prices and make your selection immediately.

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Claire Brochu

Senior Consultant

With a 30-year track record in international logistics, Claire Brochu brings a wealth of knowledge in transportation, supply chain security and customs compliance to the global arena.

Committed to delivering customized consulting services to a targeted clientele, she has developed an expertise in export and import regulations for controlled goods in Canada and the United States. In addition, she offers an audit and logistical and documentary monitoring service to companies wishing to optimize their shipping process.

Curious about new regulations and ever mindful of our clients’ needs, she not only provides transparent advice, but also comes up with innovative and efficient solutions.


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