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Customs clearance of Canadian goods in the United States

U.S. companies who wish to purchase Canadian products are looking for a turnkey service without having to manage the clearance of goods at the border. Consequently, as a Canadian business importing these goods, the responsibility for customs clearance is entirely yours.

American regulations allow a non-resident company to be the legal importer in the United States. However, to avoid any financial consequences or limitations to your future exports, you must master the U.S. customs process.

Your W2C customs broker ensures that the American customs clearing processes are meticulously carried out, in accordance with the law. To this end, three steps are required:

Customs formalities simplified with W2C

To begin, you will need to sign an authority to act independently from the one granted to your broker for the clearance of goods in Canada. You will also need to obtain a CBP Assigned-Number that identifies your company to the U.S. customs authorities (USCBP). And lastly, if you intend to import into the United States on a regular basis, you must obtain a U.S. bond to guarantee the payment of duties and taxes to the USCBP.

Next, based on the nature of your products, our team of customs experts will help you determine the customs classification of your products, their eligibility under the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) and the customs duties, and comply with the regulations of all PGAs (Partner Government Agencies) such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Transportation (DOT), or any other government agency regulating your products.

Finally, together we will determine the best shipping and customs clearance process depending on the purpose of your export: sale, trade show, repair, return, or other.

W2C makes sure you clear customs in the United States

Our team takes care of the customs brokerage process at the border and at the main entry points into the United States. Our service is fast, flexible and courteous, and our prices are competitive. In addition, a supervisor with decision-making authority is available so that your shipment is not unnecessarily delayed due to technical or administrative reasons.

A-to-Z customs tracking

The customs clearance process of your goods is easy to monitor via an electronic platform that we make available to you once we receive the relevant documents for your transaction. Here you will be able to see the date and time the transaction is accepted by U.S. Customs and when the truck crosses the border. This same portal lets you prepare your proforma invoice and track your shipments 24/7. You will also find a database containing your clients’ contact information, a list of your products with their customs classification code and their country of origin. Moreover, our customs consultants team oversees drawbacks of duties and taxes, makes representations to American customs authorities and helps you in the event of an audit.

Your W2C customs broker is here to simplify the customs clearance process in the United States and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises!

our experts

Carl Boivin

Business Development

A great communicator who loves discussion, Carl-Olivier developed an interest for international trade. After adding customs training to his professional profile, he successively held multiple positions in the company, acquiring in-depth knowledge of applicable customs procedures and regulations. With about ten years of experience in the world of customs, he skillfully passes his knowledge of customs processes and his expertise in the field to business people who wish to gain a better understanding of the challenges involved in international trade.

Stéphane Braen

Business Development

Stéphane discovered a passion for customs clearance at a very early age. During his 25-year customs brokerage career, he has developed several invaluable work methods. When it comes to import/export customs procedures, Stéphane has definitely seen it all! What’s more, his keen sense of organization, perseverance and interpersonal skills allow him to provide exceptional customer service.

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