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Whether you’re moving for business, academic or personal reasons, our luggage forwarding service is tailored to meet your specific needs. At W2C Customs Management, we strive to make your personal effects and unaccompanied baggage shipping experience simple, safe and worry free. Your bag and your suitcase are in safe hands thanks to our knowledgeable customs clearance team that makes shipping luggage as easy as can be.

A smooth transition solution for companies and individuals

Our dedicated personal cargo shipping service is a specialized solution to streamline the movement of personal effects from one location to another, especially in the context of relocations or international mobility. The increasingly mobile nature of the workforce, whether on temporary assignments, international moves or frequent business trips, is driving demand for personal effects transportation services. Consequently, unaccompanied baggage transport services provide a practical, flexible and efficient solution for managing personal effects, contributing to smoother, less stressful business travel.

The key to a trouble-free move

For international students transporting suitcases, bags, sports equipment and other personal belongings, careful planning and precautions are vital to ensure that the process goes without a hitch. International students can now make their luggage forwarding experience more efficient and much less hectic, enabling an easy transition to their new university life abroad.

Enjoy lasting memories

If you’re an ex-pat returning home or a traveller looking to bring back some memories, our personal effects forwarding service is custom designed to meet your particular requirements. We understand the significance of personal effects, and the need to ship your luggage safely, because every repatriation is unique. Make transporting your personal effects or unaccompanied luggage simpler with our baggage shipping service. Contact us today to start your return journey with confidence and peace of mind!

Our customs and transport services for your personal effects or unaccompanied luggage have numerous benefits:

Logistics management

Our transport specialists oversee the entire logistical process, from collecting your bags, luggage or sports and other equipment from your home to delivering them to your destination. This frees you up to devote your time to other aspects of your move or trip.

Knowledge of customs procedures

Does your move involve international shipping? Our transport and customs consultants have extensive experience with the customs regulations and requirements of different countries, which can prevent unexpected complications.

Risk assessment and cost optimization

Our experts assess the risks involved in moving your personal effects and unaccompanied baggage and advise you on strategies to minimize them. This includes managing the risks related to customs regulations, export restrictions and compliance checks. What’s more, by working with our transportation specialists, you enjoy preferential rates or bundled shipping solutions, resulting in reduced shipping costs.

Extensive geographical coverage

Our network of partners lets us provide extended geographical coverage, allowing you to benefit from personal effects handling services in numerous parts of the world, and have access to local expertise on the ground. This is particularly valuable for companies handling international shipments that involve customs regulatory issues at destination.

And, of course, our personalized service

Transport consultants often deliver personalized service and direct communication, providing you extra peace of mind throughout the process.

Frequently asked questions

What types of items can be shipped as unaccompanied personal effects?

Typically, unaccompanied personal effects include items such as clothing, toiletries, sports equipment, musical instruments and books. Prohibited or restricted items vary according to the transport company. It is recommended that you consult us to find out what restrictions apply to your belongings.

What are the restrictions on items that can be shipped as unaccompanied personal effects?

Prohibited or restricted items can include dangerous objects, illegal substances, perishable goods, weapons, etc. It is vital that you allow us to thoroughly check the shipping company’s policies on your behalf.

What are the costs of transporting unaccompanied personal effects?

Costs depend on weight, volume, destination, transport company and additional services required. We recommend that you submit a request for a detailed quote prior to shipment.

How do I calculate the volume of my parcels?

To calculate the volume of a box in cubic centimetres (cm³), use the following formula:

Volume = Length × Width × Height

Make sure you measure the length, width and height of the box in centimetres. Next, multiply these three sides together to obtain the volume in cubic centimetres.

For example, if the length of the box is 10 cm, the width is 5 cm and the height is 8 cm, the calculation is as follows:

Volume = 10 cm × 5 cm × 8 cm = 400 cm3

So here, the volume of the box is 400 cm3.

How do I properly pack personal effects for unaccompanied transport?

It is recommended that you use appropriate packing materials, such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap and adhesive tape. It is also important to protect fragile items adequately. However, some fragile items should not be transported as personal effects given the handling chain involved. Please consult our experts before departure.

Is insurance available for unaccompanied personal effects?

Some transport companies have insurance to cover loss or damage during transit. We recommend that you take out appropriate insurance for additional protection.

How can I track the shipment of unaccompanied personal effects?

Most transport companies provide a tracking number for shippers to follow the location of their personal effects during transit. This number can be checked online or via our customer service department.

our experts

Claire Brochu

Senior Consultant

With a 30-year track record in international logistics, Claire Brochu brings a wealth of knowledge in transportation, supply chain security and customs compliance to the global arena.

Committed to delivering customized consulting services to a targeted clientele, she has developed an expertise in export and import regulations for controlled goods in Canada and the United States. In addition, she offers an audit and logistical and documentary monitoring service to companies wishing to optimize their shipping process.

Curious about new regulations and ever mindful of our clients’ needs, she not only provides transparent advice, but also comes up with innovative and efficient solutions.


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