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Registering on the CARM Client Portal (CCP)

Registering on the CARM Client Portal (CCP)

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Overall Objective

This training session focuses solely on the preparation and steps a manager must take to register their company on the CARM online portal and the initial setup of their client account on the portal.


1.5 Hours





An Introduction to CARM

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The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) initiative has completely transformed the way the CBSA manages the import of commercial goods into Canada and the way the agency interacts with importers and customs brokers. The CBSA rolled out its online CARM portal in May 2021, allowing importers to register on it. To successfully register on the CARM client portal, the individual designated by the company must prepare certain information in advance that is needed for registration. Next, the client account must be set up, access must be granted to other company employees, and authority must be delegated to the broker.

Using real-life examples, our customs expert will cover the following topics:

  • Properly selecting the person responsible for the company’s registration on the CCP
  • Understanding the role of the Business Account Manager (BAM)
  • What you need before you register on the CCP
  • Accessing the CCP
  • Using a GCKey versus a Connection Partner
  • Linking your subsidiaries or related branches (with the same Business Number) on the portal
  • Delegating access to other employees and understanding access levels and visibility attributes
  • Delegating authority to customs brokers
  • Understanding the dashboard and initial features in Version 1
  • What to expect under Version 2 (Fall 2023)
Who can benefit from this training?
  • Buyers
  • Logistics and transport officers
  • Import-export assistants
  • Company representatives
  • Accounting employees
  • Sales employees
  • Department managers
  • Business owners
  • Anyone interested in customs activities
Specific objectives
  • Outline the business information and data required when registering
  • Be aware of the main pitfalls and difficulties that importers face when registering and how to avoid them
  • Understand the differences between company registration and how to manage your colleagues’ access requests
  • Know how to navigate and use the portal once you have registered
  • Provide an overview of the new features that the CBSA will be adding to the portal when CARM Version 2 (October 2023) is rolled out

Participants in our training programs will receive a handy reference booklet.
Please note that customized training or coaching is also available upon request.

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our instructors

Marc Ticehurst

Customs and Trade Policy Advisor

With over 25 years of experience in customs brokerage, transportation and logistics, Marc has acquired a solid expertise in improving logistics and customs performance for Canadian importers and exporters. Customer relationship management, consulting and business development are subjects that fascinate him.

His in-depth knowledge of customs rules and programs and international agreements make Marc a valuable advisor to all W2C clients.

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