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Tailor-made training for your company

At W2C, in-company customs training is tailor-made and can be provided individually or in a group. It may also take the form of dynamic daily coaching with your team leaders. W2C knows that every industry and company has its own characteristics, which is why we pay particular importance to details that affect your customs processes (e.g. the nature of your products, your sales and purchases, your production and logistical operations).

Remember that, even though your customs broker acts as your agent, you are still legally responsible for your declarations. Given that you are an expert in your field, it is to your advantage to have a solid understanding of the customs process and to assist in the work of your customs broker.


We can show you how to implement control mechanisms and train your employees so that they have a thorough grasp of all your commercial transactions and their implications, with regard to both Incoterms and foreign and local customs regulations. We will help you understand customs declarations and implement an approval process for customs declarations and invoices from customs brokers. Remember that you are the one exposed to risk – not the customs broker.

We will take time to analyze the specifics of your operations and then guide you throughout the entire process so that you and your employees become autonomous in your customs management activities.

Our options

No matter which of the following three options you choose, we can deliver the training on your premises or book a training room for your team.

Whatever your budget, our international trade compliance training courses and seminars will definitely help you see things more clearly and unravel the complex field of customs activities.