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Customs training courses: A matter of responsibility

Often seen as a necessary evil in business, the customs process is somewhat misunderstood and neglected by international import-export companies. Since the year 2000, the burden of responsibility to comply with customs procedures has been put on the importer.

In the eyes of customs agencies, everything is considered to be in compliance up until it’s verified. At that moment, if your imports or exports are deemed non-compliant, penalties may apply in accordance with the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS). In light of the fact that these financial penalties have become so severe, it stands to reason that a company’s finance and accounting department should be the one designated to ensure regulatory conformity.

Despite its nominal authority over and influence on other departments, it is often the shipping and receiving department that, by default, assumes responsibility for customs compliance. Moreover, these other departments are so busy that they are not even aware of the activities of the shipping and receiving department.

Understanding the customs declaration

Some managers pay for customs brokerage services without having a clue as to what the information in their own customs declarations is. Failure to pay close attention has real risks. Basic training programs in customs activities can be very beneficial for businesses, alerting them to the financial consequences if certain seemingly mundane documentation details are overlooked.

Complete import-export customs training courses

W2C Customs Trade Management provides five options to meet all your needs:

Essential training

No matter what type of business, the situation is often the same: people assume that the compliance of customs activities is overseen by the customs broker in charge of formalities. Usually, it only takes two or three questions to identify the possible risks companies face and explain the potential impacts. Thus, all the more reason to sign up your employees for import and export training courses.

In the current context of international transactions, proper global trade compliance training makes perfect sense. Your company and your employees need to be accountable and understand the high financial risks of customs non-compliance. As an experienced customs broker, W2C is proud to offer high-level import and export training courses on customs procedures based on your requirements.

Our essential training classes Customs Compliance I: Overview et Customs Compliance II: Intermediate are indispensable for a solid understanding of the subject matter. These training opportunities cover a wide range of topics, including Canadian and American customs activities, customs clearance import-export issues, customs classification and compliance management as part of your global business activities.

In addition, we offer a training course on Tariff Classification so that you can become familiar with the interpretation of the rules of origin and correctly classify your company’s products based on customs tariffs, allowing you to validate the work done by the customs broker.

Specific training

Our specific training sessions are shorter in duration than our essential training and are also held online or in-person. They provide you with an overview of a subject related to customs. Our customs experts can enlighten you on different topics:

CARM training

Certain CARM requirements have been in effect for some time now, and others are planned for next year. To help you become familiar with them, W2C offers three courses on the topic.

Where are the training sessions held?

Our training sessions are held online or in-person.

In-company training

As a business manager, you may not have time in your busy schedule to devote to customs compliance processes. However, you still need to ensure that your employees in charge of the file have the knowledge required to manage customs activities.

That’s why, in addition to the essential training courses and online seminars, we also offer in-company customs training. No matter the number of people you wish to train, different options are available to you. Please visit our In-company training page to find out more.


Customs Training

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