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Customs Compliance II: Intermediate

Customs Compliance II: Intermediate

Upcoming dates

  • October 10th, 2023 08h00 online $275.00 Français Availability
  • November 2nd, 2023 08h00 online $275.00 Français Availability

Overall Objective

This training session helps you control the legal and financial risks by ensuring a proactive rather than reactive customs management approach.


4 Hours




Available packages:

Essential plus

Customs compliance begins with a good understanding of the role of customs. Customs Compliance II: Intermediate walks you through the necessary steps for developing a compliance plan for your company so as to avoid possible financial penalties or any other logistical headaches.

Moreover, the intermediate level will help you:

  • Approve customs declarations
    • Implementation of an approval process for customs declarations
    • Review of methodologies for approval and job aid
  • Evaluate the customs broker’s work
    • Development of a performance review and monitoring method
  • Write a compliance manual
    • Implementation of a documented procedure and recording of information
    • List of elements that must be documented and reasons for doing so
    • Periodic updates
Who can benefit from this training?
  • Buyers
  • Logistics and transport officers
  • Import-export assistants
  • Company representatives
  • Accounting employees
  • Sales employees
  • Department managers
  • Business owners
  • Anyone interested in customs activities
Specific objectives
  • Understand business transactions (mapping)
    • Customs declarations
    • Commercial invoices
  • Manage and maintain products and HS codes
  • Maintain consistency between mapping and reality
  • Manage CUSMA certificates (classification, origin, eligibility)
  • Understand the customs declaration
  • Establish an approval process for customs declarations
  • Develop in-house expertise for customs files
  • Establish a documented and permanent practice

Participants in our training programs will receive a handy reference booklet.
Please note that customized training or coaching is also available upon request.

For more information, call : 1.514.368.2637 x112

our instructors

Steve Langlois


Steve Langlois has been active in the customs field for close to 30 years. In the year 2005, the founding president of W2C established his goal: simplifying the import and export transaction process for his clients. His idea has since gone a long way! Now, Steve’s small team of customs experts devoted to serving the client to the best of their ability offers counseling on customs procedures, as well as training and support, through its brokerage business.

Steve has acquired a reputation for his participatory leadership style. His approach promotes the growth and development of his employees, and plays a key role in attracting and retaining the primary stakeholders in the customs brokerage sector. The stability of W2C’s staff allows for friendly and direct contact with clients, which, among other factors, explains the company’s excellent relationship with them.

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